Philippines results on auto-dissemination traps presented at the Joint International Tropical Medicine - Ecomore Project

The first in-person annual Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting (JITMM 2022) took place for the first time on-site in December 2022 in Bangkok. Richard Paul from Institut Pasteur à Paris presented, on behalf of his Philippine colleagues from the ECOMORE 2 project, their work on the entomological and epidemiological efficacy of auto-dissemination of pyriproxyfen on reducing Aedes aegypti mosquito populations and dengue sero-conversion rates.

In this special session on “Vector Biology and Vector Control”, there was much debate on how to incorporate insecticide-based and community driven approaches into an effective integrated vector control program for the urban environment. Whilst demonstrating that the auto-dissemination strategy works, the next challenge is to optimize its implementation, as part of a vector control package, within the urban context. One key point highlighted by Dr. Paul was the need to embed the perceived dengue hotspots within an intra-urban mobility framework and hence focus the implementation of vector control with this in mind

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