Objective - Ecomore Project

 Project Objectives

This project will take into account the specific context of each of the five selected countries in the ASEAN region (Cambodia, Lao PDR, the Philippines, Vietnam and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) to evaluate the impacts on the health of local populations of:
i) changes due to human activities (more specifically, urbanization, intensification of agricultural practices, land use, population movements)
ii) changes due to the environment itself because of climate change, particularly floods, heavy rains and seasons upset.

The project aims to:

  • Decode the main anthropogenic mechanisms and / or ecological responsible for the emergence of infectious diseases, or the occurrence of epidemics in the study area, from both diseases as ``models``, leptospirosis and dengue. Actually these two diseases are clinically similar, endemic in the 4 countries and sensible to a similar environmental context
  • Measure risks to the health of local populations
  • Propose strategies and / or intervention models applicable in the 5 countries to minimize the risk of spreading epidemics and even improve the management of patients
  • Contribute to raising awareness of key stakeholders at national and regional level.
  • Give opportunity to reinforce collaboration between major national and regional stakeholders (National Partners, WHO, Institut Pasteur International Network, etc.).