Management of the project - Ecomore Project
  • The strategic management

The Steering Committee is organized once a year and is the highest level of decision-making within the Project. Its role is to monitor the progress of the Project towards its objectives, to discuss and validate the proposals, recommendations and guidelines released by the Project Coordination, Partners, and a Pool of Experts and to decide, if necessary, adjustments to the activities program.

The KT, means, Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Translation aiming to support putting into practice outcomes and discoveries documented by field studies, in health policy. It is initiated at the beginning and along the project to ensure that the project objectives match with the national strategy by involving various stakeholders and decision makers.

Working Groups (WGs), part of the Knowledge Translation, are limited groups constituted of national key stakeholders, National Health Authorities, International Organizations, policy makers and influencers to monitor progress of the project; they meet 3 times a year. It focuses on building trust and dialogue among researchers, policy-makers and other research users.

National Stakeholders Meetings, part of the Knowledge Transfer, are regularly organized to inform stakeholders at all level on the project from design and expected outputs to findings and recommendations. These meetings promote the project at national level and facilitate interaction with national and regional initiatives in the same area of intervention.

A Pool of technical experts, according to the needs and difficulties met by country partners, experts will be hired in order to guide them in fulfilling their component objectives. These experts will be proposed to the partners for becoming members of the pool of expert who will participate in the Steering Committees to provide technical advices

  • The Operational Management

The Department of International Affairs of Institut Pasteur will coordinate:

  • the administrative and financial aspects of the project
  • the cross-cutting activities of ECOMORE 2
  • the relations with AFD

The members of the International Coordinating Team are:

  • – The International Vice-President of the Institut Pasteur
  • – The Project Manager
  • – The Financial Project Assistant
  • – The Financial Officer
  • – The Regional Project Coordinator

Prof. Pierre Marie Girard
International Vice President of IP

Sylvie Guillemaut
Financial Project Assistant

Yves Froehlich
Regional Project Coordinator