Sylvie Guillemaut, financial assistant visited Institut Pasteur du Laos and Institut Pasteur du Cambodge from 04 to 11 April 2018.

Her visit in Vientiane gave opportunity to Guillaume Daufresne (DAF at IPC), Antoine Desgraviers (DAF at IPL) and Dr. Lep Mai (Leader of ECOMORE project at NIHE) to better know Sylvie Guillemaut and to raise some common concerns on the financial management of ECOMORE2 project.

Then she stayed at IPC to review the financial reporting of the Year 1 of the project (IPC manage the WP Cambodia, the WP Myanmar and the 3 components of the WP Coordination) and to prepare the forecasts for the Year 2 of ECOMORE which started on 01 April 2018. She could as well meet the Director of AFD in Cambodia and the Project Officer in charge of ECOMORE to clarify some accounting procedures.

This short visit was really positive for each parties, due to open exchanges on constrains of administrative processes at the Institut Pasteur level and the reality of implementation of the project in the partner countries. In conclusion, face to face discussions allowed to solve issues that long emails cannot.

Sylvie Guillemaut, financial assistant visited Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

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