A transversal workshop bringing together partners involved in the climate change approach of ECOMORE2 project has been held on 20 and 21 March in Bangkok.

The second stage of the project ECOMORE will have to take into account strong concerns at international and regional level particularly raised by the COP21 which had a leading role in the thinking and action to be taken to limit the effects of climate change.

In this context, the most significant risks are then represented by waterborne diseases and vector-borne diseases which are closely correlated to variations of temperatures and rainfall; additionally there is a cascade of interactions as urbanization, deforestation and agricultural intensification, resulting from economic development, amplify the impact of climate deregulations. In the framework of ECOMORE2, the partners in Cambodia and Lao PDR will work on dengue control and in Myanmar and Vietnam they will work on Leptospirosis risk.

Consequently it was critical to determine which epidemiological, microbiological and meteorological data are available in each participating country and especially to ensure that country components are properly linked with the regional transversal study.

During this workshop, IRD experts made a comprehensive presentation of their planned study and   country participants shared their needs and expectations. This workshop gave as well opportunity to review national data available, to clarify the rules to use data and to issue publications and also the manner to organize the collaboration in each country particularly to involve scientists and authorities and the need in terms of capacity building.

Didier Fontenille, Director of IPC, Philippe Dussart at IPC, Head of the Virology Unit, Patrice Piola Head of the Epidemiology Unit at IPC, Marc Grandadam, Head of the virology Unit at IPL and PI of ECOMORE2 component, Lep Thi Mai Chief of Dept. of Community Health at NIHE and Vu Trong Duoc Head of Dengue office at NIHE, Htwe Yin Yin bacteriologist at NHL ( supported by the later contribution of Ommar Swetin responsible of WHO program at NHL), Benjamin Sultan from IRD, PI of the transversal component, Vincent Herbreteau, IRD in charge of implementation of the climate component, Suwida Kingmuangkow, Senior Investment Officer at AFD Bangkok, as observer and Yves Froehlich, regional coordinator at IP, participated in this workshop.

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