AFD Delegation Greeted at the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge - Ecomore Project

On September 20th, 2022, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge has been honoured to welcome, Mr. Jean-Pierre Marcelli, newly appointed AFD South-East Asia Regional Director, based in Bangkok. Accompanied by Mrs. Sandrine Boucher, newly appointed AFD Cambodia Director, and Mr. Emmanuel Dollfus, AFD Cambodia Deputy Director, Mr. Marcelli was greeted by Pr. André Spiegel, director of Institut Pasteur du Cambodge and a team of scientists, all involved in the ECOMORE program, a project funded by the AFD since 2013.

The delegation was given a general presentation of the institute by Pr. Spiegel to let them grasp the scope of mission and activities. Later on, Ms. Emilie Carlot, regional coordinator of the ECOMORE project, exposed the outline of the second phase of the project, soon coming to an end, and introduced the main proposal ideas for a potential third phase.

During a brief round of discussion, Mr. Marcelli shared his pleasure getting acquainted to Institut Pasteur du Cambodge and his desire to pursue collaborations, notably through climate and ASEAN network focused programs.

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